Jul 29, 2014

Shish Security Halts Suspect in Purse-Snatching

New Britain man charges after attempted robbery near nightclub on Farmington Avenue, police say.

Shish Security Halts Suspect in Purse-Snatching Shish Security Halts Suspect in Purse-Snatching Shish Security Halts Suspect in Purse-Snatching

An alert parking attendant at the helped foil a purse snatching late Friday night on Farmington Avenue and a New Britain man was taken into custody, said.

The suspect, Sean Redshirt, 34, of 37 Overhill Ave. in New Britain, allegedly stole a purse from a 31-year-old Robin Road woman returning home with a friend from West Hartford Center at about 11:30 p.m., police said.

The victim told police that Redshirt ran up from behind, stole her purse off her arm near Robin Road and started running west on Farmington Avenue.

The attendant, Juan Gerena, was stationed at a parking lot across from the Shish Lounge, a restaurant and nightclub at 904 Farmington Ave. Gerena heard the victim scream, “Stop him, he stole my purse,” police said.

Gerena, 32, blocked the suspect on the sidewalk, forcing him into the road near 893 Farmington Ave., police said.

Police said several Shish security employees also responded to the victim's screams. Redshirt, who is 6 feet, 230 pounds, was surrounded and detained until police arrived.

There were no injuries, police said.

Redshirt was arraigned Monday in Hartford Superior Court on charges of third-degree robbery. His bond was reduced from $50,000 to $30,000 and he was scheduled for a plea hearing July 18.

 “[The suspect] basically ran right into the middle of our security,” said Aaron Sarwar, who owns Shish Lounge. “Juan did a great job.”

Gerena recovered the purse in the street and the victim’s cell phone, police said.

“We had about six of our guys out there [detaining Redshirt],” said Sarwar, who also runs the Shish Kebab House on La Salle Road in the Center. “We’re always keeping an eye out.”

Redshirt told police the victim's purse hit his leg while he was walking on the sidewalk and fell off her arm. The next thing he knew, he told police, he was surrounded by Shish employees.

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