Jul 29, 2014

What’s Up With This Frozen Pizza in West Hartford?

This food item has one reader scratching their head.

What’s Up With This Frozen Pizza in West Hartford?

While reader Debbie Dear was walking her dog, she noticed a frozen pizza on the ground.

“I have come across it at least four times,” she wrote on the West Hartford Patch board. “The first time my dog grabbed a small piece before I knew what was happening and grabbed her back!”

She continued:

“Is this a harmless offering to the universe? Is it a poisoned ugly thing, put out to lure in and hurt an unknowing animal? What is up with this pizza?”

Debbie Dear shared a picture of the pizza here and wrote:

“This is the pizza. Always the same kind and always next to [the] phone pole.”

Can you help Debbie Dear solve this perplexing pizza puzzle?

The only question I have is how long it will take before someone makes a Twitter account for the West Hartford mystery pizza…

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