Jul 29, 2014
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'It Only Takes One to Start a Chain Reaction'

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders.

'It Only Takes One to Start a Chain Reaction'


Ramsey Found 'Competent' To Stand Trial

“This is so tragic. My heart aches for his mother and brother, and the rest of the family. I hope that Aaron gets rehabilitation, not just a sentence in the slammer. His father had a wealth of talents and interests, and I hope that Aaron can clean up his act and pursue a gift likewise. Perhaps he might find something that will lead him to be a productive member of society, not just a number withering away in jail.” -

‘50 Shades of Grey': Just How Smutty Is It?

“It's only catchy because in this society it only takes one to start a chain reaction. If I stand in the middle of the road and stare at the sky without moving...soon after hundreds will be standing next to me doing the same thing just because I started it! So one person said this is an amazing book series! Next thing you know everyone is agreeing.” -

“If there was a dog in a car with windows open, why would you advocate smashing windows? Is that your calm, reasoned advice or hyperbolic rhetoric? Are you advocating vandalism and destruction of private property? Has the heat affected your thought process?” -

Lyme Disease: It’s Not the Deer’s Fault

I'm more concerned about a gun-toting, bloodlust maniac hunter accidentally shooting my children than I am about a tick which may or may not be carrying lyme disease.” -

Wolfe Park Pool Closes Due to 'Dangerous Weather' Conditions

“For the rest of the day? Really? It is sunny out now. Reminds of the winter when we closed schools before the snow that never came!” –

Long Awaited Traffic Light on Rte. 67 to Start Blinking Soon

“That's typical for logical thinking, someone has to get killed first before statistics decide that an intersection is dangerous enough to have a light put in.” –

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