Jul 26, 2014

New CertaPro Painters Owner Proud, Confident

The Stamford resident brings a new touch to Westport’s CertaPro Painters after he lost his wife and was forced to make a career change in order to care for his children.

New CertaPro Painters Owner Proud, Confident

Making a name for himself through great work and referrals is what the new business owner intends to do in his territory, which includes Fairfield, Weston, Redding, Bridgeport and Westport.

Prior to opening in July, Gregg Rosinsky spent the past 27 years as a head electrician, or gaffer, in the film industry and has worked on many movie and music sets with stars like Tom Hanks, Elton John and Barbara Walters.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when a change is needed, and for Rosinsky that was after his wife passed away a few years ago when he was fifty years old. Rosinsky has two children to care for, Elana, age 15, and Michael, age 13. Long, unpredictable hours are no longer an option for him.


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“The main reason I decided to change careers at fifty was mostly because I lost my wife,” he said.

Although it took him a few years to figure out what he needed to do and where he wanted to be, Rosinsky said he has found a perfect fit for him.

“CertaPro trains you in so many ways. They are a national company that gives you that safety net,” he said. “I don’t think I just could have opened up ‘Gregg’s Paint Shop.’”

Rosinsky is familiar with Westport and said he is happy to be in business in town.

“I love Westport. It’s a town that works and is thriving as opposed to one that is standing still or declining,” Rosinsky said.

Business is ramping up for Rosinsky. He has had a number of calls and given many estimates for jobs after Labor Day and expects it will be a busy fall season.

“People want to keep their houses painted and protect their investment,” he said. “People take pride in their houses in the surrounding areas.”

Located at 1771 Post Road #342, Rosinsky is much closer to his Stamford home, one more reason he is excited to be working in Westport.

“I’m totally happy to be home with family. I’m able to do more, be present more with my kids and still contribute to the local community,” he said.

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