Jul 29, 2014
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Redding GOP Town Committee Hears from Statewide Candidates

Redding GOP Town Committee Hears from Statewide Candidates

The Redding Republican Town Committee held its March 3 meeting at the new Spinning Wheel Inn and used the occasion to hear from several candidates seeking endorsement for this fall’s state and federal election.

The Town Committee also held a shortened business session during which they re-elected officers for the new 2-year term. Officers re-elected are Ward Mazzucco, Chairman; Michael Thompson, Vice Chairman, Eric Witt, Secretary; Gary Miyashiro, Treasurer.

For the majority of the meeting, the Town Committee heard from a number of candidates who are seeking endorsement. Those candidates addressing the Town Committee included:

  • John McKinney, current state Senate minority leader who is exploring a run for governor;
  • Mark Boughton, current mayor of Danbury, who is also exploring a run for governor;
  • Dave Walker, a Bridgeport resident, who is exploring a run for lieutenant governor;
  • Bob Eick, a Ridgefield resident and partner in Stamford-based CRT Capital Group, who is seeking the office of state treasurer;
  • Peter Lumaj, a Connecticut attorney, who is a candidate for secretary of state;
  • Dan Debicella, a former state senator from Shelton, who is seeking the nomination for the 4th U.S. Congressional seat; and
  • John Shaban, Redding resident and state representative(135th District), who is also seeking the Republican nomination to run for the 4th U.S. Congressional seat. 

“We are fortunate this year to see so many inspired candidates stepping up,” remarked newly re-elected Chairman, Ward Mazzucco. “It’s a good sign that people are ready for some new direction in both Hartford and Washington.”

Redding residents who’d like to learn more about the candidates above can access information on their websites [linked from their names, above].

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