19 Aug 2014
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As the Nation's Economy Goes, So Goes the State's

As state unemployment remains high, a stronger national economic recovery is seen as the answer, according to one report.

As the Nation's Economy Goes, So Goes the State's

Connecticut has had a tough time recovering from the recession, and no where is that more true than when it comes to the number of jobs lost, according to a recently-released report.

“The only breaks Connecticut’s economy seems to catch these days are bad ones,” economist Steven Lanza wrote in the latest edition of  The Connecticut Economy, released Wednesday.

CT News Junkie profiled the report this week, noting how the state's unemployment rate is tied in large part to the strength of the national recovery. And the bad news is economists don't see much movement in that area until the second half of next year.

That means the state will continue to struggle with job growth for the immediate future, and unemployment will stay at historically high levels. And that's assuming Congress is able to come to an agreement and avoid going over the "fiscal cliff" — should that fail, the outlook becomes even bleaker.

“The consequences for Connecticut employment would be disastrous,” Lanza says, according the the CT News Junkie article.

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