23 Aug 2014
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Letter: Westport Resident Supports Rubin for State Rep.

A letter to the editor from Westport resident Tim Wetmore.

Letter: Westport Resident Supports Rubin for State Rep.

Dear Editor, 

Steve Rubin will represent Westport's 136th district in Hartford the way it deserves to be. Unlike, Jonathan Stienberg, Steve will represent Westport and not the interest of Governor Malloy. Steve would not have voted against Westport Schools as Jonathan did by failing to support a amendment tothe Governors education bill last May.

That amendment would have exempted high performing schools districts like Westports from State required unfunded mandates. Letting Westporter decide were best to spend its education dollars.Steve would not have remain silent as the Governor worked behind closed doors to move Westport's largest employer to his home town of Stamford at a cost of 115 million in taxpayer dollars. Leaving Westport's taxpayers to make up a potential $500,00.00 a year lost of tax revenues. Steve would not have lobbied the Governor as Jonathan did to raise taxes on the highest income levels to an even higher rate than the Governor wanted. 

Thesame Governor responsible for the states 1.8 billion dollar tax increase. Steve has proven that he can work across party lines to achieve results that are in the best interest of our community. Serving as a member of theRTM since 1993, he has worked hard for Westport. He has also quietly volunteered his time and talents for many of the organizations that shape our community. Serving as a trustee for the Police Athletic League and as a Board member of RESPECT, as well as a founding member of the Compo Beach Playground Committee, and of Al's Angels to name a few. Steve has always been willing give his best, and will do so in Hartford. Westportdeserve a Representative that will represent our community and not a party or a Governor. So please join me and cast your vote for Steve Rubin on election day. 

Tim Wetmore


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