Jul 26, 2014

Warden Says Longshore Trees Must Go, Information Session Scheduled

Warden Says Longshore Trees Must Go, Information Session Scheduled

Last month First Selectman Jim Marpe asked for a temporary delay in the removal of 15 trees along the entrance to Longshore Club Park, requesting a written report outlining the recommendation that the trees be removed.

That report has since been filed by Westport Tree Warden Bruce Lindsay, and this weekend the public is invited to an information session on the report and upcoming decision at the location of the trees in question.

Lindsay stands by his original decision to remove the trees, stating in his report that the trees represent a hazardous condition for the entry into Longshore Club Park and must be removed for safe passage.

“The trees in question at Longshore Club Park are in extremely poor health and decline, are of poor species and have unlimited potential targets in a fall or limb break situation,” said Lindsay.

The information session will take place at Longshore Club Park on Saturday, Jan. 11 at 9 a.m. Lindsay and Parks and Recreation Director Stuart McCarthy are expected to discuss their decision to remove the trees. The informational session will take place outdoors and will include walking a portion of the park. 

To read the full tree report click on the attached PDF above. 

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