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10-Week Depression Recovery Program at Hope Church

First Session Monday January 20, 2014 at Hope Church in Wilton

10-Week Depression Recovery Program at Hope Church

More than 19 million people in the U.S. suffer from depression annually and during stressful times, this disease can intensify. Many factors can lead to depression including unrealistic goals, added financial stress, family expectations, and change of schedule or eating patterns. But the cure may not be as difficult as you might think.

Actually, just a few basic lifestyle changes can help you break free of the trap of depression.

Neil Nedley, M.D. has put together his 10-week Depression Recovery Program from his 20 plus years of research and clinical experience helping his patients. Dr. C., Christian Counselor of www.DearDrC.com, will be hosting the Nedley Depression Recovery Program on DVD.

The program begins Monday January 20, 2014. Day and evening classes will be offered. It will help you identify the underlying causes, or “hits,” which bring on depression. “Every case is as different as each individual, but the 10 Hit Categories summarize all the possible causes for depression. And determining your causes can be as simple as taking the depression questionnaire in this program,” said Nedley. 

• Are your thoughts controlling you or are you controlling your thoughts? Learn how you can understand and manage your emotions.
• How to stay motivated to change your lifestyle for the better  - permanently.
• Learn how to recognize distorted thoughts, and correct them before problems arise.
• How to grow after you suffer loss.
• Learn which Omega-3 fats can work better than medication for depression, improved 
concentration and energy levels.
• Learn the necessary conditions for the brain to produce serotonin adequately. Nutrition: the missing link.
• How to know if your brain is short in vitamin B-12.
• Is your brain producing enough melatonin at night? How to rejuvenate this night time hormone.
• How to enhance circulation and activity to the control center of emotions.
• Are you sleeping on the right side of the bed?
• What the makers of Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis do not want you to know about libido, muscle building, and reproductive hormones.
• How to know if depression or another cause is creating a lack of energy, and the best way to achieve restorative rest and rejuvenation.
• Earn 1.4 C.E.U. credits.
• Identifying Depression and its causes.
• Lifestyle treatment for Depression.
• Nutrition and the Brain.
• How positive thinking can defeat Depression.
• Positive lifestyle choices.
• Stress without Distress.
• Living above loss.
• How to improve Brain function.
• Depression Self Test.
• Personal-Assessment Test (includes Depression and Anxiety Tests, and Emotional Intelligence Quota Test).
• Comprehensive Participant Kit (textbook, workbook, related books, pedometer, Omega-3 nutritional bar, classical music CD, and tote bag).
• Weekly door prizes.
• Free food samples.
• Effective cooking demonstrations.
• Graduation banquet.
• Hope Church, 240 Wolfpit Rd, Wilton, CT 06897
• Starting every Monday from 01/20/14 Morning or Evening Classes.
Register online  www.DearDrC.com/depression
There is a fee to participate of $350 and seating is limited. However, scholarships may be available.

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