Jul 26, 2014

Board of Selectmen Talk Trash, Gas and Open Space

The Board of Selectman discussed bad trash co. recyclers, an incoming Yankee Gas pipeline, and an open space gift last Monday night.

Board of Selectmen Talk Trash, Gas and Open Space

On Monday night of June 6, the Wilton Board of Selectman gathered at Wilton Town Hall for a regular meeting. They discussed an issue of trash companies not disposing of recyclables properly, a Yankee Gas pipeline, and an open space gift, all of which went smoothly given that there were only three board members in attendance.

Questionable Trash Removal Methods

First on the agenda was concern over recycling violations by local hauling companies. With the town recently receiving complaints from residents concerning recyclables and regular trash being thrown out together, the Department of Public Works investigated the situation and communicated with the hauling companies.

A warning of the town’s Solid Waste and Recycling Regulation was clarified in a letter sent by Director of Public Works Thomas Thurkettle to recycling companies servicing the town. He cited that refuse containing recyclables is “not to be transferred or comingled with waste,” while also clarifying that resident must separate and clean their recyclables. However, if one cubic foot of the recyclables are combined with waste, then the town has the right to discard the recyclables and trash in any way it deems fit.

 “It would be helpful if [the collectors] spoke with their customers about what is recyclable,” Thurkettle stated. “Recyclable material is required to be rinsed out,” he said. “Mustard bottles can’t be full of mustard. Ketchup bottles can’t be full of ketchup.”

“Haulers have been saying that they have been throwing unclean items in the garbage,” Board Member Susan Bruschi remarked.

 “If there was a violation three or four years ago, there was a pretty hefty fine from the state,” Board Member Hal Clark said. “From what I recall, we had a problem getting the state to come down and investigate.”

More Trash Talk Soon

Thurkettle would like the public to know that there will be a meeting on June 15 to come to resolve the matter. He will be placing a list of Wilton haulers on the town’s site and encourages residents to switch use of their private haulers if they are not happy with the job that they are doing.


Yankee Gas Line Installation

 A potential Yankee Gas Installation Agreement (to be installed on River Road) was discussed shortly as well. A term agreement is in the process of being worked on, according to Thurkettle.

“Everything is very preliminary right now,” he said. “Time is of the essence that we get this agreement hammered out.”

“Planning and Zoning has given it the seal of approval from what I understand,” Bruschi stated.

Open Space Gift on Dirksen Drive

The first action of approval to take place Monday night regarded a Gift of Open Space at 5 Dirksen Drive in Wilton.

“It’s a one acre parcel located on the corner of Gruman and Dirksen,” Bob Nerney of Planning and Zoning stated. “If it were developed, it would of course be for residential use.”

After hearing the short pitch, all three BOS members present approved the gift.  

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