Jul 30, 2014
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Hurricane Sandy Edges Closer to East Coast

Meteorologists are saying it’s still too early to determine where the hurricane is heading, or how strong it could be, but computer models show Sandy possibly making land fall in New England early next week.

Hurricane Sandy Edges Closer to East Coast


A tropical storm that formed in the Caribbean earlier this week is now at hurricane strength and is heading northward toward the East Coast of the United States, according to various meteorological outlets.

While meteorologists in Connecticut say it's too early to tell Hurricane Sandy's exact path, computer models show the possibility of the storm making landfall in Connecticut and New England early next week.

In a 5 p.m. update on Wednesday, the National Hurricane Center distributed some projections of the storm showing the storm hugging the East Coast of North Carolina and Virginia as it proceeds north.

Earlier Wednesday, the storm produced winds of up to 80 mph as it passed over Cuba and Jamaica.

After it leaves the island nations there are many different directions the storm could travel, according to NBC Connecticut Meteorologist Ryan Hanrahan, who posted a graphic of the potential directions on his weather blog.

Hanrahan also said that, even if the storm did hit Connecticut, “It’s not clear how strong it would be,” according to NBC Connecticut’s website.

The National Hurricane Center has a similar message, adding that “the uncertainty in the long-rage track forecast remains very high.”

Meanwhile, WXEdge.com said the storm will not impact this area of the country until Sunday at the earliest.

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