Jul 28, 2014

Chris Donovan Will Stay in 5th District Race

The Meriden Democrat held a press conference today to say he's pushing forward, despite the controversy surrounding his campaign.

Chris Donovan Will Stay in 5th District Race


State House Speaker has no intention of quitting his race for the 5th Congressional District, despite the mounting controversy surrounding the of his campaign finance director and an ongoing FBI probe into contributions to his campaign.

Donovan met with the media on Sunday, June 3, to announce that his supporters want him to continue his campaign, according to a report in the Hartford Courant. He also said he did not know the FBI was investigating his campaign staff and that he has was unaware of questions involving possible influence peddling in his campaign.

It was Donovan's first public appearance since the arrest last week of Robert Braddock Jr., his campaign finance director, on federal charges that he sought to hide questionable campaign donations to Donovan. The investigation is continuing.

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