20 Aug 2014
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'I Used to Love CT So Much More Than NJ'

27 cats taken away from a CT woman, adventures of a stay-at-home dad and Gov. Malloy's speech at the convention were just some of the topics that got you talking.

'I Used to Love CT So Much More Than NJ'


"Much like the stay at home moms who got no appreciation, there's a new breed of stay at home parent and they don't seem to get any credit either and somehow it seems the commentary against stay at home dad's is even more degrading." -

Gov. Malloy Prepares for Convention Speech

“Looking forward to hearing our CT Governor, Malloy, speak at the DNC in NC. We are proud of his interest in the aging in our state, which like so many states, has a growing aging population. And, guess what...we vote!” -

“Anyone with a brain knows that the ruining [of Connecticut] was done years before Malloy took office.” –

“I used to love CT so much more than NJ. Now? Not so much.” –

CT High Speed Rail Proposal Would Include Long Island Tunnel

“I wouldn't support any project that would adversely impact Long Island Sound.” -

Are You Undecided This Election? A No-Spin Guide

“It's not about just news either. Read our founding documents and keep in mind that they were written as the perpetual laws and morals we are to follow. Does our present status and direction follow what they laid out?” -

Town to Pay $1000s for Cats in Animal Cruelty Case, Says Defendant

“This is the most ridiculous situation expanded by town officials. When is it going to end? When the town takes the woman's property. Cut your losses. Give the woman back her cats and move on.” –

Report: 'Clear Violations of CIAC Bylaws...Not Justifiable'

“If they suspend football it will kill my son!! I hope the CIAC looks into Ansonia they do this all the time, they have players that live in Waterbury but are ‘put up’ in Ansonia just so they can play football.” -

City Council Reconsiders Airport Beacons After Feds Cut Funds

“Three quarters of a million of taxpayer money for beacons? Whether or not it's funded by local, state or federal money we need to reconsider the cost.” -

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