Jul 28, 2014

Where in Middlebury Was This Meal Served Up?

This warm meat dish, surrounded by mashed potatoes, gravy, and a few slivered vegetables, hit the spot on a cold rainy night.

Where in Middlebury Was This Meal Served Up? Where in Middlebury Was This Meal Served Up?

Can anyone guess where this dish was served?

I can tell you the service was great. I would tell you the name of my server, but that might give it away. She was friendly; a great waitress. I wanted at least three items on the menu, but she recommended this lamb dish, saying it was so tender I would be amazed.

Amazed I was. It practically fell off the bone. I ate all the meat I could.

I tried to avoid the mashed potatoes and the gravy - not that they weren't good. They were absolutely delicious. But I didn't want to gain five pounds.

Thankfully, the house salad was delicious and the basic balsamic dressing made it tastier and that filled me up.

I am a huge dessert person. But I am always watching calories. So I was almost glad when the waitress said she was out of the Red Velvet Cake and the Almond Joy tart.

Maybe next time I will try the desserts.

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