Jul 28, 2014

'Denominations Rung the Bell Peddling Salvation'

Beer-drinking teens, a smoking ban for adults and wrong way drivers were some of the topics that got you and your neighbors talking.

'Denominations Rung the Bell Peddling Salvation'


"I haven't seen anone trying to sell magazines, but several denominations have rung the bell peddling salvation." -

Anyone from here attending the hate festival in Monroe?

"New Cannan police did the right thing. Arresting a bunch of kids is a poor use of their time and the courts. They let the parents handle it which is how it should be and how it was when I was a teen. Everything doesn't have to involve going to court st that age" -

"At least Mr Biden didn't marry his cousin, then married again, cheated on her, then married another bimbo. Is he still cross dressing?" -


"It is an issue when someone with hundreds of millions of dollars to throw around, would even consider the absurdity of cutting the MINIMUM wage of our hard working poor citizens." -

"People please. As soon as you leave your driveway, you are surrounded by idiots. You can use all the devices described above and guess what, an idiot will disregard them." -

"The kids have nothing to do so kill each other? Teenagers shouldn't need babysitters and to be kept entertained." -

"'You as a citizen will obey the laws of our country or be prepared to pay the penalty for its violation. ' 'You WILL observe the laws that have been created for societies benefit.' Add a German accent to that and it faintly reminds me of a certain German dictator....." -

"Jim have you ever eaten a chick-fil-a sandwich? They are pretty delicious :) I really don't get it. Would everyone really be happier if nobody ate there again, they closed all the restaurants, and that many more people were out of work?" -

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