Jul 28, 2014
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important aspect

For me, this is a VERY important aspect of sound. dr dre beats uk In fact, it was pretty much THE determining factor on whether or not I would keep the X1s - I'm absolutely a soundstage whore, and I could care less about the rest of the X1s sound signature if it did it all with a small and claustrophobic soundstage. Luckily the X1s soundstage and imaging were a pleasant surprise. Both were better than I was expecting and they sealed the deal for me.

Overall I would rate the X1s competitive ability somewhat similarly to the Anniversaries. When listening for positional cues and details with both of them, I hear a small soundstage/imaging advantage for the X1 but a signature advantage for the Anniversary. I feel the two differences almost counterbalance each other, but the ultimate deciding factor may come down to the bass. I won't quibble over the fine details though, as I usually reserve my competitive gaming for the Q701s. They still hold a small competitive advantage over both the Anniversary and X1 due to their faster, lighter, clearer signature coupled with their open soundstage. With my pair, I can also control their level of bass with a flick of a switch (literally). For immersive gaming, while the Q701's open airy soundstage does gives them their own brand of immersion, they are lacking in weight and body next to the Anniversaries and X1s which ultimately puts them at a disadvantage. Bass boosting them helps, but the mids will still lack some weight and body and they will still be on the dry side. In my opinion, the X1s hold an edge over both AKGs in terms of fun factor and immersion.I should mention for people who already own the Anniversaries...do keep in mind that they're already one of the best overall gaming headphone options out there. While they now have some healthy competition in the X1, it's not like it's "on another level." It's just a little different flavor of sound. If the X1's sonic traits and signature described in this review sound appealing to you, then by all means check them out - but if you're going to stic beats prok with the Anniversary/Q701, they are also one of the best in this range.

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