Jul 29, 2014
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Muth Documents May Offer Glimpse of Trial to Come

Attorneys on each side are preparing for a possible trial in the Albrecht Muth murder case.

Muth Documents May Offer Glimpse of Trial to Come

A cease and desist email from the Iraqi embassy, Secret Service documents, bank statements, phone records and interview transcripts are among the items the prosecution and defense may be using to build their respective cases for the Albrecht Muth murder trial.

Muth is indicted on the charge of first degree murder with aggravating circumstances in the death of his wife Viola Drath in her Georgetown home last August.

At the Sept. 6 hearing, public defender Dana Page expressed frustration with the prosecution for only making "bits and pieces" of information available for their review.

Since then, court documents show the prosecution has delivered and shared boxes and bags of evidence with defense attorneys and hosted the defense team in their office to review all available evidence in the case.

A Sept. 17 letter from Page to the prosecution details the types of records each side might ultimately use in a future trial. She expresses considerable interest in documents that might impact Muth's own assertions of grandeur and power as a spy and member of a foreign military.

These records may include any communications or records from the CIA, FBI or ICE, writes Page. She also asks for Grand Jury testimony from anyone, to include the Drath family, "relating to Mr. Muth's status or 'personas'."

At the September hearing, Page urged Judge Russel Canan not to "rush" the case. Canan had hoped the case could go to trial in October.

Doctors for the prosecution and court doctors at St. Elizabeths have recently opined that Muth is competent to stand trial. The court did not make an official but may do so at the next hearing, Oct. 9.

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