21 Aug 2014
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All About Couponing As A Family!

All About Couponing As A Family!
  1. Total Buy In – Prior to couponing, we bought things based upon what we wanted our family to have, not what we needed. Delayed gratification is a great lesson to teach children because now we shop based on what is on sale. From the husband who wants a particular cut of meat, to the kids wanting their favorite cereal and then daughters wanting nail polish. Each of us have to realize that the price plays a factor and we need to wait until the price lines up with our budget in order to get those particular items.
  2. Prepare At Home – How is everyone involved in the couponing? Kids pull the coupons out of the newspapers and file the coupons on Sunday. Either myself or my husband make the shopping list on the website. Then the children all help to cut the coupons (either printable or newspaper). Mom finalizes everything to make sure nothing is missing. Making it a family event helps it to happen in less than an hour!
  3. Work As A Team – Divide and conquer at the store. Each parent takes a “team” of kids and part of the list in order to get the shopping done in less time. Children learn to shop for the particular items that apply to the coupon limitations. *Be Prepared* Bringing your children and husband could cause unauthorized purchases! Couponers learn to have a list and stick to the list. I like to know what I am going to spend before I even get to the store. Husbands and kids tend to sneak items into the cart with no warning, and they need to be warned ahead of time of the budget and make it a game to stay underneath.
  4. A Valuable Lesson – Couponing has taught our family patience, budgeting, and the value of a dollar. This has made our family grow together by not just the financial savings, but the character building by learning more about being frugal. It is a valuable lesson of Wants vs. Needs!

Basically, with a little preparation and teamwork, there is much to be gained from making couponing a family affair!

~Happy Family Shopping & Saving Together!

Through TrueCouponing.com, Kati and Melisha pass along money and time saving tips they both still use today. They also teach free couponing workshops all over the Greater Tampa Bay area and Orlando and surrounding areas. Go HERE to view the schedule of upcoming workshops!

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