Jul 29, 2014
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CONTEST: Best Halloween Haunts in Bloomingdale-Riverview

Submit photos of the house or houses you think are the best dressed for the haunting holiday.

CONTEST: Best Halloween Haunts in Bloomingdale-Riverview

Is there a house on your street that’s always decorated in its spooky best for the Halloween season?

Perhaps you go above and beyond transforming your normally sedate property into a treasure trove of terrors to scare those little trick-or-treaters this time of year?

If you know of a house or own one that’s so decked out for Halloween the kids are afraid to walk by at night, we need your help! We want to find the best decorated house in Bloomingdale, Valrico, Lithia and Riverview.

To nominate your favorite (or your own haunted domicile), just upload a picture to the gallery on this story. Be sure to include the street address where the shot was taken.

We’re accepting nominations for Bloomingdale-Riverview's Most Haunted House between today and noon on Friday, Oct. 26. After that, we’ll randomly select a few homes for our readers to vote on between Saturday, Oct. 27, and noon, Oct. 30. We’ll declare a winner in this bragging-rights-only competition on Halloween.

The winner gets the title (just for bragging rights) and might be asked to help judge a similar competition during the Christmas season.

So, Bloomingdale-Riverview, who has the best haunted house in the community? Show your favorite a little love by uploading a shot in the gallery!

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