Jul 28, 2014

Home Bakery Caters to Canine Tastes

Amber Haselwood whips up tasty and healthy treats for dogs in her Brandon home.

Home Bakery Caters to Canine Tastes Home Bakery Caters to Canine Tastes Home Bakery Caters to Canine Tastes Home Bakery Caters to Canine Tastes Home Bakery Caters to Canine Tastes

On any given day, you'll find Amber Haselwood in her Brandon kitchen, devising new recipes, chopping vegetables, stirring up mixtures and baking the resulting concoctions in her oven.

She love to cook. But Haselwood's baked goods aren't for human consumption. The owner of Cold Nose Bakery, Haselwood specializes in creating tasty gourmet treats for furry friends.

The owner of a sheltie with a sensitive stomach and allergies, along with a lab, Haselwood began baking homemade treats for her dogs several years ago to insure that her dogs would have healthy treats to eat.

Before long, she was baking up treats for friends' dogs as well.

Her all-natural gourmet dog treats proved so popular, she decided to open her own business two months ago.

"I make my treats from oat flour instead of wheat flour for dogs with allergies," said Haselwood. "Over the years, I've developed a number of recipes for healthy dog treats that dogs just love. I use my own dogs to test items. If my dogs approve, then I consider them a success."

Her dog treats include mini banana mutt muffins, peanut butter cookies, pizza bites and Haselwood's version of pigs' ears that are actually baked sweet potatoes for dogs to gnaw on.

Prices range from 75 cents for two muffins to $4 for a bag of peanut butter cookies.

She also makes birthday cakes and gift baskets for dogs.

Those interested in obtaining some healthy gourmet treats for their dogs can call Haselwood at 813-785-8611, e-mail her at coldnosebakeryllc@gmail.com. Visit Cold Nose Bakery's Facebook page to see some of the treats available for purchase. In the coming weeks, she will launch her own Web site so customers can order online.

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