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What's the Healthiest Halloween Candy?

Some candy is better for you than others.

What's the Healthiest Halloween Candy?

Halloween candy can have a large amount of sugar, calories and fat.

But there is a way to indulge and prevent excessive weight fluctuations during this time of year.

Vowing to stay healthy on Halloween doesn't have to mean forgoing all the sweet treats. There are healthy and sweet options for anyone looking to take part in the festivities without putting on the pounds.

If you absolutely have to go for the colorful treats, try to choose the ones that have lower sugar content, which will cause less of a disruption to your hormonal balance.

Another tip is to choose sweets that take longer to eat for more satisfaction, such as hard candies and lollipops, many of which have sugar-free options. Dark chocolate morsels or candied fruits may also be a healthier alternative.

Full-sized candy bars can pose a problem; some are up to 300 or more calories each. Remember that portion control and moderation are the important keys to maintaining weight.

“Opting for the mini-size version of your favorite candy bar may be a healthier option, but always in moderation and you still need to be choosy,” said Jay Garcia, M.D., founder and medical director of Garcia Weight Loss & Wellness Centers including one in Brandon.

Quite possibly the best way to avoid those extra pounds is to buy your Halloween candy at the last minute and toss out any leftovers.

“If you do choose to indulge, don’t let it haunt you, returning to sensible well-balanced nutritional principles will result in getting you back on track," said Garcia.

Here are some healthier options, according to Fitness Magazine:

Dove Silky Smooth Almond Milk Chocolate Bar
Serving Size: 1 bar
190 calories; 12g fat; 6g saturated fat; 20mg sodium; 18g carbs; 16g sugar; 3g protein

Hershey's Miniatures: Special Dark
Serving Size: 5 pieces
200 calories; 13g fat; 7g saturated fat; 25mg sodium; 24g carbs; 18g sugar; 3g protein

Kit Kat Snack Size
Serving Size: 3 packs
210 calories; 11g fat; 7g saturated fat; 30mg sodium; 27g carbs; 21g sugar; 3g protein

Raisinets, Snack Pack
Serving Size: 1 box
150 calories; 6g fat; 3.5g saturated fat; 10mg sodium; 25g carbs; 22g sugar; 1g protein

3 Musketeers Minis
Serving Size: 7 pieces
170 calories; 5g fat; 3.5g saturated fat; 80mg sodium; 32g carbs; 27g sugar; 1g protein

Now and Laters
Serving Size: 9 pieces
120 calories; 1g fat; 0g saturated fat; 40mg sodium; 28g carbs; 22g sugar; 0g protein

Snack Size York Peppermint Pattie
Serving Size: 1 piece
60 calories; 1g fat; 0.5g saturated fat; 5mg sodium; 14g carbs; 11g sugar

Skittles Original Fun Size Mini
Serving Size: 1 pack
60 calories; 0.5g fat; 0.5g saturated fat; 14g carbs; 11g sugar; 0g protein

Milk Chocolate Kisses filled with Caramel
Serving Size: 9 pieces
190 calories; 9g fat; 6g saturated fat; 75mg sodium; 27g carbs; 23g sugar; 3g protein

Jolly Rancher
Serving Size: 3 pieces
70 calories; 0g fat; 10mg sodium; 17g carbs; 11g sugar

Dark Chocolate M&Ms
Serving Size: 1 bag (1.5 ounces)
210 calories; 10g fat; 6g saturated fat; 10mg sodium; 29g carbs; 24g sugar; 2g protein

Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate, 60% Cacao Squares
Serving Size: 1 square
55 calories; 4g fat; 2.5g saturated fat; 0mg sodium; 6g carbs; 4g sugar; 0.5g protein

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