23 Aug 2014
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Share the news with your neighbors. Send them this link to to sign up for the Brandon Patch newsletter. As always, click the headlines to stay up-to-date on the latest events and happenings.

Sign Up for the Brandon Patch Newsletter


Keeping up with local events in the Greater Brandon area is easier with the Brandon Patch newsletter, delivered each day to your email inbox.

Share the news with your friends and neighbors. Send them this Brandon Patch newsletter link for information on how to sign up to receive daily — and, if desired, weekly and breaking news — updates.

The Brandon Patch newsletter features the top headlines on the site, blog posts, events, announcements and deals from local retailers.

Care to submit our own news to the site? Simple to do as well. Visit the Brandon Patch homepage and scroll down past the top-four headlines on the left until you see tabs to click to:

  • Start a Blog
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(Note: Use "pics and clips" to post photographs and .pdf files.)


Need help? Contact Brandon Patch Editor Linda Chion Kenney, day or night, at 813-390-4952. Email: linda.chion@patch.com


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