Jul 30, 2014
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Register for Special Needs Shelter

Residents with serious medical conditions may be eligible to stay at the special needs shelter during a bad storm or hurricane.

Register for Special Needs Shelter

Hillsborough County offers a special needs shelter during a hurricane to its most vulnerable residents, including people with serious medical conditions.

But county officials need to know how many people require services and what kinds of assistance they need.

Therefore people need to register in advance and not wait for a bad storm or other natural disaster to happen. By then it's too late.

To qualify, residents must complete an application and be approved by the Florida Department of Health.

Carrollwood, here's how to register:

1. Download a special needs application form at hillscountyhealth.org under the heading Special Needs Shelter Program.

2. Print and complete form.

3. Return the form to the health department by mail to PO Box 5135, Tampa, FL 33675 or fax to 813-276-8689. To request a form, call the special needs shelter hotline at 813-307-8063.

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