Jul 30, 2014

Tropical Storm Isaac Tracking Toward Florida, RNC

While it's too early to tell the impact Isaac will have on the RNC, officials are watching the storm's path closely.

Tropical Storm Isaac Tracking Toward Florida, RNC Tropical Storm Isaac Tracking Toward Florida, RNC

Tropical Storm Isaac and its potential effect on the Republican National Convention are the talk of the town. The convention starts Monday, Aug. 27, in Tampa, and the storm is almost certain to impact the area in some way.

According to Bay News 9, computer models have Isaac moving west into the Caribbean. At that point many variables would come into play that would determine if Isaac moves toward Florida or tracks elsewhere.

"The spaghetti plots show agreement of a turn to the northwest," Bay News 9 Meteorologist Juli Marques says. "It's something we will continue to watch over the next few days."

It's those spaghetti models that area officials and RNC planners will follow for the next few days, as they attempt to predict the storm's potential affect on the convention.

RNC officials didn't get specific with   Marissa Lang and  Richard Danielson of Tampabay.com when referring to "contingency plans" for the convention. The article says that the U.S. Secret Service would coordinate, if there were to be an emergency response.

RNC officials say they knew disruptive tropical storms, common in late summer, were a possibility during the convention. They also say they're ready.

"We've been working this for well over a year, and we've planned for any and all contingencies," Secret Service spokesman George Ogilvie told  Tampabay.com

You can view all the latest models for Tropical Storm Isaac on the website for the National Hurricane Center.

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