23 Aug 2014
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Is Dunedin a Frown Town?

A national magazine has ranked two cities in the Tampa Bay area as the saddest in the country.

Is Dunedin a Frown Town?


When it comes to unemployment and suicide rates, it seems the Tampa Bay area leads the nation. At least, that’s according to a  story recently released by Men’s Health Magazine.

St. Petersburg ranks as America’s saddest city in the report, and Tampa came in a close fourth. The magazine used figures from the  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the  Bureau of Labor Statistics to arrive at its conclusions.

As the Tampa Bay area takes a beating on the national level, we want to know what you think about our own little piece of the regional pie.

Is Dunedin a frown town, or is it a great place to live? If you love it, tell us what makes it so special. If you hate it, we want to know why.

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