15 Sep 2014
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What Dunedin's Saying: Lyndhurst Street Neighborhood Watch

What do you think about the effort to create the Lyndhurst Street Neighborhood Watch, and what else can and should be done to help combat crime in the area?

What Dunedin's Saying: Lyndhurst Street Neighborhood Watch What Dunedin's Saying: Lyndhurst Street Neighborhood Watch

Dunedin Patch's story last week about has gotten lots of attention from our readers.

Patch wrote about Stacy Rush and Donald DeVore and from crime and blight and about their recent National Night Out cookout, which got the attention of the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office.

The story attracted plenty of insightful comments on Patch, and below are just a few of them.

What's your take? What do you think of the couple's efforts? What else can and should be done about problems in the area? Post your comment below.

: I live on Lyndhurst, I know exactly what you're talking about. I would love to support you, but it's because of the drug activity and the fact that we were recently robbed that I'm moving from this neighborhood. I wish you all well.

: Best of luck taking back the streets, unfortunately cuts in public safety services affect us all no matter where we live !

: Your efforts are appreciated but its not going to come to be. Dealers and the such are all over this area dealing at all hours. Criminals are always out everywhere at all hours...BUT NOT THE LE! There are NO sheriff patrols to hinder or stop it. This area we live in has always been scoffed at by the City of Dunedin as well as the LE. We have lived here a very long time and we are a forgotten part of Dunedin/Pinellas County.

: Good for you guys. Remember you won't please everyone, but don't give up and your goal will be there. One step at a time and have the attitude that it is already done. Good luck and prayers coming your way. From A neighbor in Dunedin.

: Lets get real....NO POINT IN WATCH without presence and actions of LE! This town has obviously kept quiet MANY, MANY armed home invasions, robberies etc that should make the news to let these scum know the LE is smarter than them...but NO...Not happening! Teams are great...but we can't take the law into our own hands.

: Stacy, I applaud and support what you're doing. No one is saying we give up. I just wish the city would do what's necessary as far a public safety service funding is concerned and not make excuses about why they were forced to make more cuts -- even in the face of an increasing need. It should always be a question of how much does it cost to keep us safe -- not how much money do we have. 

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