Jul 28, 2014

Crews Clean Up After Debby

Mounds of seagrass, as large as cars, can be seen at Gulfport Beach today. City crews are using a skid loader and other heavy equipment to pile seagrass, leaves and other debris that Tropical Storm Debby washed ashore.

Crews are out cleaning what Tropical Storm Debby left behind in Gulfport. A skid loader and other heavy equipment are being used to load and pile hundreds of pounds of seagrass that washed ashore this week.

The City Parks and Recreation Department is also helping clear debris at Veterans Park and along Shore Boulevard. Others are driving around picking up barricades and 'Road Closed" signs.

The effort has been on and off this week, as officials braced for high tides, heavy winds and the unpredictable. Sunday's first blast of rain and wind knocked a tree on to the Scout Hall sign, hitting it in at least two places. On Monday, officials helped clear the tree and clean up Chase Park.

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