Jul 28, 2014

Donate Now: Senior Center Food Pantry Needs Your Help

It can be difficult keeping the shelves full at the Gulfport Senior Center Food Pantry. That's why organizers are asking for your help.

Donate Now: Senior Center Food Pantry Needs Your Help

For about a dozen seniors a week the Gulfport Senior Center has become a reliable source of food. Organizers say donations to their food pantry ensure those in need don't go without a meal. The food pantry serves low income seniors 55 and older who are living in Gulfport. Senior Center Coordinator Cynthia Dean says they used to provide food to those of any age in Gulfport, but they couldn't keep up with the need.

They currently need canned goods and pet food. Dean says many seniors struggle to fill their pantries and find it even harder to afford canned dog and cat food.

Dean says there is a need for canned meats like tuna, chicken and soup. Canned fruits and jars of peanut butter also provide nutrition and have a long shelf life.

For more information call (727) 893-2237 or email mpscfoundation@tampabay.rr.com. Drop off donations at the Gulfport Senior Center at 5502 27th Ave S.

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