Jul 26, 2014

Gulfport's Photo of the Week: Industrial Strength Mailbox

We asked and you guys responded! Yes, you're sending in awesome one-of-a-kind photos taken right here in Gulfport!

Gulfport's Photo of the Week: Industrial Strength Mailbox

Attention photographers of all ages, experiences, backgrounds and more! We're seeing new photos every week in our neighborhood photo gallery called "Gulfport Pics & Clips."

We're asking people to upload their favorite videos and photos to our gallery and we're very happy to see nearly 300 photos in "Gulfport Pics & Clips" so far!

To say "thanks" for taking the time to share your pics with us, we're picking a photo of the week and highlighting it every Saturday.

This week's photo is from Inrchld! From what I can tell on the captions of this recent batch of photos, Inrchld was on another adventorous bike ride through Gulfport when she spotted several pieces of art. I think it's these one-of-a-kind mailboxes, garage doors and even suv's that make Gulfport stand out.

The photo chosen from Inrchld's recent uploads is a mailbox that truly looks like it's going to take flight at any moment. It looks like a machine; it just needs a little gas or juice and it's ready to go!

Thanks Inrchld for uploading your latest photo in our "Gulfport Pics & Clips" gallery!

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