Jul 26, 2014

No More Beach Smoking Ban: What Gulfport's Saying

Here's what some Patch readers had to say about the Gulfport City Council's decision to lift a ban on smoking on the beach. What do you think? Join the conversation!

No More Beach Smoking Ban: What Gulfport's Saying

The news that Gulfport City Council opted to lift a ban on smoking on the beach got Patch readers talking earlier this month.

The decision to lift the ban came just two months after a  judge in Sarasota ruled the City cannot enforce outdoor smoking restrictions.

Here's a selection of comments posted on Gulfport Patch in reaction to the news:

Phil: "Way to go counsel members no we all can die a very slow painful death from second hand smoke. Smokers really don't care about other peoples health and want company while they are dying from smoking. Now Gulfport Beach will become a giant ash tray, thanks to the worthless counsel members who rather quit than fight the ban on smoking."

Theresa Martin: "Thankfully these council members know they cannot infringe on a persons rights. This ban was as ridiculous as a no shirt, no shoes, no service ban. Smokers have the right to smoke and non smokers have the right to move. IMHO"

William Smith: "Yes the issue was about litter. The ban did not reduce the litter. The only thing the ban did was to stir up angst and result in a lawsuit that the city wasted money on."

Nancy Blythe: "Where you have smokers you have litter. Smokers cannot seem to find a waste receptacle handy enough in which to deposit their waste materials. They toss the butts AT containers with no regard for where they land. I smoked for many years and carried a container for mine but every time I go to the beach I find one butt after another. Bio-degradable? I know that I personally can't wait to stroll the beautiful white sands of our beaches and stare at those ugly butts. Oh, and for sure we need smoking areas around our children's playgrounds so they can observe suicide by cig."

Angus Young: "I don't smoke but, you know what? If they're smoking outside, who cares? Just like the radio dial, if you don't like it, move it. Gulfport has the whiniest people on the planet."

Rick Boze: "1st the city needs to fire their Attorney for allowing the ban in the 1st place, why pay he/she for not doing their job to begin with. All the wasted hours and energy to Promote one person's agenda, You are there to serve not dictate. I have watched several of last years laws, be either struck down, or amended, that should have happen to begin with. Talk about wasting tax dollars, that could have been used elsewhere."

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