Jul 27, 2014

Take Our Candy Cane Quiz

Dec. 26 was National Candy Cane Day. Test your expertise.

Take Our Candy Cane Quiz

National Candy Cane Day just passed! Can you believe an entire holiday was dedicated Dec. 26 to candy most associated with Christmas? How sweet!

We visited the National Confectioners Association website to gather the questions and answers for a quiz dedicated to the striped peppermint candy synonymous with the season.

The quiz is available as a PDF so it's easy to print off and share with friends or family gathered at your house for the holidays. Or just test your knowledge below:

Candy Cane Quiz

1. Legend places the origin of the candy cane in the:

A. 1900s
B. 1800s
C. 1700s
D. 1600s

2. According to legend, candy canes began as a means of:

A. Rewarding shepherds for successfully guarding a flock.
B. Bartering for the Christmas ham.
C. Keeping choir children quiet during Christmas mass.
D. Decorating the Christmas tree.

3. The candy canes shape is said to symbolize:

A. A fishing hook
B. A shepherd’s crook
C. A ram’s horn
D. A beckoning finger

4. True or false: Candy canes were originally peppermint flavored.


5. Candy canes were originally:

A. White
B. Red and green striped
C. Red and white striped
D. Brown

6. The world’s largest candy cane ever was about:

A. 10 feet tall
B. 33 feet tall
C. 58 feet tall
D. 74 feet tall

7. Candy canes have been mass produced since the:

A. 1750s
B. 1870s
C. 1910s
D. 1950s

8. The box in which candy canes are packaged is called a:

A. trough
B. cradle
C. net
D. box

9. True or False: Candy canes shrink-wrap themselves.


10. Each year 1.76 billion candy canes are produced. That’s enough candy canes to stretch from Santa Clause, Ind., to North Pole, Alaska, and back:

A. 6 times
B. 15 times
C. 32 times
D. 54 times

Take a look at page 2 of the attached PDF for answers.

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