Jul 30, 2014

Monster Python Creates Fireworks in Florida Community

The massive, 12-foot critter made its way into a gated South Florida residential community just in time to create a pre-Fourth of July bang.

Monster Python Creates Fireworks in Florida Community

Some Florida City residents got the surprise of their lives just before the Fourth of July when a stray Burmese python made its way into their gated residential neighborhood.

While it’s not uncommon for South Florida residents to have run-ins with pythons courtesy of a population explosion among the non-native species, this critter isn’t your average python.

Measuring in at 12-feet, the snake topped the biggest python caught in the 2013 Florida Python Challenge by a whole foot.

The monster python was first spotted by a boy riding his bicycle in the community, according to BayNews9.

"I was with my dad, and when I seen it I jumped off my bike and ran," Juan Rivero Jr. told the station. "I was scared. I'd never seen that before."

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Rivero went and got his father, who quickly realized some help would be needed to trap the creature. Neighbors eventually wrangled the snake into a barbecue grill where officials were able to remove it. The snake will be turned over to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, ABC News reported.

Florida has experienced a population explosion of Burmese pythons in recent years. Considered an invasive species, the creatures only have two known predators in Florida – alligators and humans. The population has caused such a problem for native species the state has even played host to roundups of the pesky slithering creatures in the past.

The 2013 Florida Python Challenge netted 68 snakes in total, but officials believe there are thousands more living in the Everglades. The biggest snake in that roundup, which drew hunters from far and wide including U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, measured in at 11 feet.

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