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Beauty Kit Essentials For a Hurricane

Don't skip your beauty routine during a hurricane. Pack essentials, such as personal hygiene products, lip balm with SPF, hand sanitizer, dry shampoo, anti-frizz conditioner and sprays, sun protection wipes, a cordless curling iron and more.

Beauty Kit Essentials For a Hurricane

During a hurricane you have limited resources for hot showers or using your beauty products like blow dryers and curling irons. Without electricity your usual beauty routine may seem an impossible feat.

Don't worry. A lack of creature comforts doesn’t mean you have to look windblown or frazzled. You can use unique beauty products to put your best face forward, even during a storm.

Here’s a list of beauty essentials, including suggested products to pack in your emergency beauty kit.


You won’t look (or feel) your best if you’re panicked during the storm. Find out what supplies you’ll need in an emergency. You’ll need to prepare ahead of time and have plenty of food, medicine, blankets and gas for your car.

Patch has a great , and .

Batteries are an absolute necessary. You’ll need them to power everything during the storm, such as radios, cell phones, flashlights, mirrors, fans and cordless hair dryers. Use rechargeable or regular batteries and make sure you have an abundant supply in AAA, AA, C, D or others.

Flashlights top the list because you’ll need to see during the storm and evening hours. Make sure the flashlights are working and located in a central location.

Water: for drinking, cleaning, cooking and bathing. Calculate a gallon of water per per person daily.

  • Try an emergency water storage kit: the Aqua Pod Kit (), which comes with a manual pump and three liners for your bathtub to store 65 gallons of drinkable water. It holds enough water for a family of four for two weeks. Amazon offers the Aqua Pod Kit at a discount price for only$25.

Beauty Essentials

Sanitizer and hand wipes for face and body: is essential for keeping yourself safe from germs and bacterial. Sanitizers and wipes are easy to use. Apply and let dry. No water or towels are necessary.

Sun protection: is an absolute necessary. For easy application, choose products such as wipes or sprays.

  • offers Dermalogica’s Solar Defense Wipes, a sun protection wipe that can be used on both your face and body.
  • Aveeno Continuous Protection Sunblock Spray SPF () offers a one touch spray button that makes application easy. It also includes vitamins A, C and E with soy extracts to help moisturize your skin.

Mineral Facial Water: helps your skin stay hydrated during the day.

Oil Absorbing Sheets: can whisk away oils from your face without overly drying your skin.

Lip balm: keeps your lips protected with a moisturizers and an SPF to prevent sun burns and dryness.

  • ’s LipDrink, by Jane Iredale. It includes an SPF 15, Vitamin E and C and green tea extracts.

Dry Shampoo: helps you look fresh without using the reserved water for washing your hair. Use a dry shampoo for feeling renewed and to eliminate oily roots.

Anti-frizz conditioner: gives you extra help in controlling frizz. Try beauty care products that help you style your hair, boost shine and eliminate fly-aways.

Cordless Curling Iron: is a rescue-saver, if you absolutely can’t be seen without curling your hair.

      Battery powered mirror: offers a portable way to do touch-ups with a lighted cosmetic mirror, and you won’t need an outlet.

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