Jul 28, 2014
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No More Red Light Cameras? Here's What Largo's Saying

As the Florida House of Representatives considers outlawing red light cameras around the state, here's what some Patch readers had to say on the subject.

No More Red Light Cameras? Here's What Largo's Saying

Since we told you last week about a bill under consideration by the Florida House of Representatives that would strike down the use of red light cameras, Patch readers have had plenty to say on the topic.

Our story, Red Light Cameras: Should They Stay or Go?, received more than 120 comments as of Tuesday night. Here's what some Largo Patch readers had to say:

B Wood: "Dump the cameras and the companies and all the greedy politicians and government policy-makers that support them."

Connie Smith: "You better hope that if you run a red light, that you are caught by the cameras instead of a cop. While the red light camera ticket is a budget busting $158, the price of the ticket if a cop stops you is $264. ALL tickets and other government fees have risen drastically. The state's new revenue route is to gouge tax payers with higher fees for EVERYTHING. Cost for a duplicate title -- nothing more than a printout -- is now $75. Just a few years ago, I got one and it was $11.....

Do you agree? Should red light cameras be banned in Florida? Why or why not? Share your thoughts in the comments section below to continue the conversation.

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