Jul 28, 2014

Share Your Home, Change the World!

Share Your Home, Change the World!

Allow us to match your family with a fantastic high school exchange student! We are Youth For Understanding USA (YFU), a nonprofit intercultural exchange organization, seeking local volunteers and host families to mentor and host high school exchange students. Families of all shapes and sizes are welcome to host!


Opening up your family to an exchange student not only provides a life-changing opportunity for the student, but a chance for their cultural experiences to broaden your family’s perspective. Welcome the curious mind of an international teenager into American culture and build bonds of friendship that will last a lifetime! Each student brings spending money, health insurance, and a promise to live by the rules and values of YFU and your family.


Families around the world trust YFU because of our reputation for quality, high safety standards, and strong support network. In our 60 years of experience, we have placed over 250,000 students. Take this opportunity to experience this success for yourself!


Here are two students who are excited to join your family!

-Meet Ali, 15, from Denmark! Ali is creative, athletic, and family-oriented. Looking for a well-rounded young man to add to your family? Look no further than Ali!

-Meet Manuel, a 16 year old young man from Germany! Manuel’s passion for physics, math and tennis is unmatched! With his love for both athletics and academics, Manuel will make a great addition to your family!


To get more information on Ali, Manuel, and our other students, visit our district blog! http://yfusedistrict.wordpress.com/

International programs for American students and volunteer opportunities are also available. Learn more at  www.yfu-usa.org, or contact YFU’s local Field Director, Marsha Hurst, at (866) 235-9795 x. 2278 or via e-mail at mhurst@yfu.org. 


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