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Orange Theory Fitness Challenges Members in New Way

Have you seen the bicycles painted orange in New Tampa? Read more to get the full orange treatment.

Orange Theory Fitness Challenges Members in New Way Orange Theory Fitness Challenges Members in New Way

Orange Theory Fitness has harnessed a new type of science that is designed to blast through fat and workout plateaus. Patch.com checked out the gym and got the full scoop about the offerings that are available at the new location next to Highwoods Preserve off Bruce B. Downs Boulevard.

According to employees, Orange Theory utilizes heart rate monitors and flat-screen displays to show people when they are in the "orange zone," or 85 percent of the maximum heart rate. For part of the workout, members stay in the "green zone" - a comfortable pace - and then escalate several times into the orange zone.

“The workouts are tailored to everyone’s ability, and will challenge you. But it's always work at your own pace and supervised by a skilled personal trainer,” said Derek, an Orange Theory sales associate who did not want his last name used in the article.

The gym has been using orange bicycles to draw attention to the studio and raise awareness. "It's a fun way to advertise," Derek said.

The brightly colored location opened its doors July 22. The gym uses science called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. This allows the body to burn 600-1000 calories for 24-36 hours after working out. The body does this by working out at 85 percent maximum heart rate for 12-20 minutes.

Orange Theory franchise founder Ellen Latham, a veteran personal trainer and exercise physiologist, developed the method to give members a new way to work out and achieve their personal training goals. Latham found this method while searching for the ultimate workout, according to the Orange Theory website.

The workout includes rowing, strength training, interval training, cardio and other exercises in a challenging 60-minute class that is work at your own pace. When Patch tried an introductory class at Orange Theory, it was obvious how this system works. Members are constantly changing exercises so that they are constantly challenging and surprising their bodies.

Joshua Whisman, a group personal trainer, said he has seen people that have lost 15 pounds in the first week.

“Our goal isn’t to smash you, just to push you to do your personal best," he said. "That’s where the heart monitor comes in so you can back down if needed."

First time gym-goer and workout enthusiast Shelly Landin said that she enjoyed her experience Orange Theory. "I will probably start coming to the gym weekly. It was a fun but difficult workout," she said.

Orange Theory offers classes every day of the week from 5:15 a.m. until into the evening. Unlike a typical gym, Orange Theory is centered around group classes.

Orange Theory is challenging members to a six-week fitness challenge. The member who loses the most weight over during that time frame wins $2,500.

Membership is month by month, and there are no sign-up fees. Classes average $12-24 per class depending on the plan. To get your first free session, visit orangetheoryfitness.com.

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