Jul 29, 2014
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Casey Anthony Juror: 'We Are Upset That People Think We're Incompetent'

Palm Harbor resident Dean Eckstadt speaks about his experience as an alternate juror during the Casey Anthony trial.

Casey Anthony Juror: 'We Are Upset That People Think We're Incompetent'

A Palm Harbor resident who served as an alternate juror in the Casey Anthony trial has spoken out about the case, saying he has given his one interview about the high-profile trial.

, 25, was one of five alternate jurors who witnessed the testimony during the 33-day trial but did not participate in deliberations.

Eckstadt appeared on NBC's Today show on Thursday morning. 

Asked whether he thinks Anthony is innocent, Eckstadt responded, "That's a hard question. She was a liar; she didn't tell the truth most of the time, (but) to actually kill her daughter, I don't think so. I believe that she may have had knowledge of the situation, but to actually kill her child, I don't believe it happened."

As for why Anthony did not report her daughter missing for 31 days, Eckstadt said he thought her home life played a big part in why she did not face the reality of the situation.

Eckstadt also said he does not think his fellow jurors from Pinellas County fear for their safety because of the verdict they reached. 

He says that the jurors he has talked to are worried about something else entirely. "We are upset that people think we're incompetent," he said on the Today show. "We made the decision on the law. You can't have emotion in the situation, and I think that came down to the final decision."

Another Pinellas County juror also spoke with the media. Juror No. 3 is Jennifer Ford, a 32-year-old nursing student at St. Petersburg College.

Ford told ABC News that the prosecution's case had too many holes for the jury to convict Anthony of first-degree murder.

Juror No. 2 spoke to the St. Petersburg Times anonymously saying he wanted to keep his family safe from any possible scrutiny. The juror is a 46 year-old married father of two and is one of two blacks on the jury.

He said the verdict was not an easy decision to make and he wished the jury had more evidence to put Casey Anthony away, but the evidence wasn't there. 

Alternate juror Russell Huekler of St. Petersburg was the first to speak. He told ABC News that he thought a horrific accident happened to Caylee Anthony and her "dysfunctional" family covered it up. 

Orange County Chief Judge Belvin Perry Jr. has refused to release the names of the Pinellas County jurors, which are usually public record. Media outlets are contesting the move.

On Thursday morning, Perry sentenced Anthony to four years in jail and a fine of $4,000. On Tuesday, the jury convicted her of four counts of lying to law enforcement.

Anthony's attorney has told ABC News that she will be released from jail next week. She has already served almost three years in jail and will be given credit for that time served.

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