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Our Favorite Palm Harbor Patch Blogs of 2012

Did you know some of your fellow community members are bloggers on Palm Harbor Patch? They contribute their expertise and thoughts on a range of topics.

Our Favorite Palm Harbor Patch Blogs of 2012

Here are our five favorite blogs from Palm Harbor Patch in 2012

Blogger: Tim Bryce

Tim Bryce is a writer and the Managing Director of  M&JB Investment Company of Palm Harbor, Florida and has over 30 years of experience in the management consulting field.

Our Favorite 2012 Blog from Tim: Gridlock! 

From the blog: "If the last two years are any measure, the country will increase the federal debt, unemployment will remain high, and the direction of the country will continue to spiral out of control."

A reader's comment about the blog: Marie Szleszinski said, "There are lessons to be learned from this election. In order for a GOP candidate to even be considered for nomination, they must display extreme conservative values. Romney's push to appear conservative in order to secure the nomination may have ultimately caused him to lose this race."

Blogger: Torrey Craig

Our Favorite 2012 Blog from Torrey:  Open Letter to Congressman Gus Bilirakis

From the blog: "No one can pick up a newspaper or look at a news blog on the and not be confronted with a newest, latest and greatest about the cliff.  It seems to me that if you were to objectively read today’s headline and the headline from a month ago on this topic, nothing has changed."

A reader's comment about the blog: The Masked Blogger said, "In all seriousness, Torrey Craig for Congress! Your letter is obviously written with intelligent thought and genuine concern, but I'm afraid we won't get an answer. The lack of outrage at THAT is a tragedy in itself. Perhaps one day our elected officials will come to truly realize holding office to represent their constituents is a privilege, not a right!"

Blogger: Barbara Walker

I have been a Pinellas County resident for 42 years.  I went to Pasadena Elementary School, Azalea Middle School, Boca Ciega High School, St. Petersburg Junior College and the University of South Florida.  My degree is in Marketing.  I am currently married to Steven Walker and have two lovely daughters.  I am a full time volunteer for the Audubon Society and donate time to two chapters, the Clearwater Audubon Society and West Pasco Audubon Society. My primary focus is advocacy. I spend a great deal of time with issues relating to birds of prey which includes eagles, ospreys, hawks, kites and owls.

Our Favorite 2012 Blog from Barb: Motorist and Residents Must Watch Out for Sandhill Cranes

From the blog: "Sandhill Cranes and busy roads don’t mix, especially here in the East Lake area of Palm Harbor."

A reader's comment about the blog: Jerry Hannon said, "The problem isn't just the speed (although going beyond 60 mph is way beyond irresponsible on that road), but the aggressiveness of many of the drivers, weaving in and out of traffic, at high rates of spped, just so they can move up by three or four cars in the queue. A driver can't pay attention to animals on the roadway if he/she is using all of their visual and mental capabilities to move in and out and high rates of speed."

Blogger: Valerie Crowe

Our Favorite 2012 blog from Valerie:

From the blog: "There are many incredible local restaurants where shrimp may be had by the bucket load, clams by the score, and oysters, blue crabs, stone crabs and lobsters all vie for top billing.  There are exotic sounding fish dishes including mahi mahi, snapper and thick tuna steaks, to name but a few. But, a good old fish supper of beer-battered cod or haddock with english style chips (fries to the locals) is hard to find."

Reader comment about the blog: Robert Adams said, "I know what you mean having lapped up a portion or ten with you, and each place was different. Best for my money being in Guardbridge. If you want to feel homesick, do a Google Image search of Ceres and you'll find a lot of pictures of Toby, the Museum, Lenny's place and the games. Now your next test... Find a place where you can get a variation of Thomas' Trödelkellerpfanne auf Bratkartoffeln. You know that they have their own web site? Finding something like that, you make agree that fish and chips is easy. Thanks for the blogs."

Blogger: Elizabeth Baird, Veterinarian and owner of Country Oaks Animal Hospital & Kennel

I'm Elizabeth Baird, a veterinarian in Palm Harbor and proud owner of Country Oaks Animal Hospital. I've lived in Pinellas County most of my life with excursions elsewhere for graduate school and a lengthy stay in North Carolina. My father grew up here as well, so that makes me a second generation native... a rarity here! I've spent 25 years working with animals professionally and a lifetime personally involved with animals of all species, so they are indeed my favorite topic. If there's any topic of special interest, please let me know and I'll try to address it. Meanwhile, hug your pets!

Our Favorite 2012 blog from Elizabeth: Pit Bulls Riskier Than Chicken McNuggets?

From the blog: "So, if you haven't heard already, McDonald's has ticked off a huge population of dog owners. Somebody in their marketing department thought they'd try to suggest their chicken nuggets are healthy by doing a negative campaign... comparing them to unsafe activities.

One unfortunate choice of comparisons was suggesting that trying their chicken nuggets was less risky than petting a stray Pit Bull.  No doubt some Einstein in marketing found this amusing, but legions of dog owners did not. Up sprung a Facebook page " Pit Bulls against McDonald's" which had 4000 fans in under 48 hours and has grown exponentially since then (over 11,000 in 5 days)."

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