Jul 29, 2014

Thoughts on the End of the Beach Theatre

We compiled some of the thoughts from people on Facebook about the Beach Theatre closing.

Thoughts on the End of the Beach Theatre

The Beach Theatre is closed and many around the beaches are speaking out out about it.

The Beach Theatre is a iconic part of St. Pete Beach and was beloved by residents of Pinellas county and beyond.

Many fans of the Beach Theatre have started commenting their feelings about the closing on the Beach Theatre's Facebook page. 

Matthew Yoder commented "Terrible. Soon all small business will be gone and the masses having never been out of a chain will not care."

Peter Beckett commented  "A very sad event for the whole community. It is such a unique place compared to the monster megaloud competition."

Jack Baldwin commented "Hopefully it can be reopened somehow!!! We love you Beach theater."

What are your thoughts on the Beach Theatre? Share them in our comments below.

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