Jul 28, 2014

Frugal Christmas Gifts From The Heart

Whether you're low on funds this holiday season or you're looking to give some handmade treasures, Sarasota Patch has compiled some of the season's most creative gift ideas.

Frugal Christmas Gifts From The Heart

For some, making gifts from scratch is an annual affair.

For others, this may be the first year you're trying on your creative chops for gift-giving. Either way, it's the perfect time of year to combine thoughtfulness and resourcefulness. 

Check out this list of almost-completely-homemade how-tos:

The main cost of this project is the clear ornaments you'll need to purchase from  the nearest craft store. Depending on the amount of ornaments you buy, there could be anywhere from six to 12 gifts in one sitting!

Amplify the appeal of a $5 gift card with a custom snow globe. Most of the tools you'll need are probably already in your office, and an empty pickle or salsa jar will serve as the globe!

  • Movie Night Kit

Local stores like Walmart usually have a $5 bin of DVDs. Grab one that's fitting and then add a bag of popcorn (can be from your own cupboard) and a flavored salt. For the more creative minded folks, use a basket to tie it all together or wrap it in a box with colorful tissue paper.

A personal favorite, this handmade gift idea is great for Post-It enthusiasts and artists alike!

Recycle old baby food, mustard and jam jars to create stunning decorative pieces that will last for years.

  • Edible Treats

Find your favorite cookie recipe and dig out an old, empty jar. Fill the jar with the ingredients from the recipe and attach a tag with the instructions on it. Stickers can help make the tag more visually put together. Add ribbon or a bow for some extra pizazz. 

Try using a blank, school notebook instead of a flashy, leather-bound journal for this one. It will keep spending to a minimum.

Shop wisely for the frame and use an already printed photo to keep the cost low on this one.

Any other dog lovers out there? It's an unwritten understanding that when folks become parents, you usually begin to buy for the kids and not for the adults. So, what makes a dog any less worthy? Check out these 10 dog treat recipes that will make the pups and the owners smile.

Do you have a frugal gift idea? Share it in the comments below.

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