Jul 29, 2014
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Isaac: Stay Off Flooded Roads During Tropical Storm

Emergency officials are encouraging people to stay indoors and avoid driving due to anticipated flooding.

Isaac: Stay Off Flooded Roads During Tropical Storm

As the brunt of Tropical Storm Isaac will pass through Sarasota early this morning, Sarasota County Emergency Management officials remind residents to remain alert.

Sarasota County is under a tropical storm warning, tornado watch and flood warning for the Myakka River

Flood stage is at 11 feet for the Myakka Rive head, and at 7 feet near Myakka State Park, according to the National Weather Service. The Myakka River head area is expected to rise above 13 feet by Tuesday afternoon and crest that day, falling on Wednesday. The river is expected to rise to 7.9 feet near Myakka State Park, according to the report.

It's possible that additional warnings, including an isolated tornado warning could develop as Isaac moves across the Gulf of Mexico.

Drivers should avoid flooded areas, officials remind residents. Storm surge is expected to overtake many beaches and the keys and barrier islands along Sarasota County's coast are expected to have impassible roads from flooding. Downed power lines can also be covered from the standing water.

High tides 2-4 feet above normal are expected around 9 a.m. Monday, according to the county, while high winds and heavy rain should begin around 2 a.m.

Children shouldn't be permitted to play in flooded areas which may contain snakes, perhaps alligators, and fire ants, as well as bacteria. 

Residents using generators for emergency power should use them outside or in well-ventilated areas to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, according to the county.

Generators should be turned off during refueling.

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