Jul 26, 2014
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Second Phase Of Gulfstream Lift Station Project Begins

Contractors will begin to rehabilitate the Lift Station 16 site near South Gulfstream Avenue on Monday.

Second Phase Of Gulfstream Lift Station Project Begins

The second and final phase of a $1.6 million sewer project will begin Monday for Lift Station 16.

Contractors will begin Monday rehabilitating Lift Station 16 located at 34 S. Gulfstream Avenue in downtown Sarasota. The project involves upgrading the electrical panels and instrumentation as well as replacing the pumps and internal piping, which will enhance the reliability of the City’s infrastructure.  Minimal impact is expected to residents, pedestrians and traffic, according to the city. 

The rehabilitation work will include the replacement of the existing pumps with new higher capacity pumps and a new electric motor control center in order to more efficiently transport wastewater to the wastewater treatment facility. New stand-by diesel emergency pumps will be installed to replace the existing generator in case the station pumps should fail. A new odor control system also will be installed. These new facilities will be contained within the existing lift station structure. The status of all the major components will be monitored remotely via a SCADA telemetry system which monitors operations 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

During construction, a temporary odor control system will be in place to minimize any localized odor control issues.  New landscaping, including trees, shrubs, and plantings, also will be provided around the Lift Station 16 site. 

The rehab work is the second phase of a 2-phase project.  A new much needed forcemain was installed earlier this year. 

This $1.6 million dollar utility construction project is one of many infrastructure improvement projects planned or already under construction envisioned by the City of Sarasota $89 million Utilities Department Capital Improvement Program, according to the city. 

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