Jul 29, 2014
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Watch: FL Fisherman Gets Massive Surprise as He Lands Monster Bass

"Yo, I need my lure back!" the fisherman says to his surprise find.

Jacksonville-native Huston Stewart, 37, got quite a surprise when he went fishing this week, on a trip to visit his brother in Tallahassee.

On a tip from the guys at Kevin's Sporting Goods, Stewart stopped by Piney Z Lake, a public fishing spot in a large residential development, to see if he could reel in a bass or two. He was fishing with a  jointed Rapala lure, when he felt a tug on his line. It was a largemouth bass that Stewart estimates was between 8 and 9 pounds. A moment later, he saw an alligator bearing down on his haul.

"The fish was too big to get up on the bank," Stewart said. "I was hoping he'd grab the fish and I could get my lure."

No such luck. The gator chomped down on the bass and took off with Stewart's Rapala as well.

At the end of the video, Stewart says he's going to try to get his lure back. He turned off his camera, tightened the drag on his reel and jerked on the line. After some fighting, Stewart said, the lure dislodged from the fish, but the gator didn't give up his meal.

"He crawled up on the bank and swallowed the fish whole," he said. 

Stewart didn't land his fish, but he reeled in a video he won't soon forget.

"I showed it to the guys at Bass Pro Shops," he said. "They said there are a lot of aggressive alligators out there."

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