22 Aug 2014
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Which AC Unit is Best For Humidity Removal - Trane xl20i

Which AC Unit is Best For Humidity Removal - Trane xl20i
The "Inside Scoop" on the Trane XL20i from Air Conditioning Comfort Specialist, Dave Montejunas

So, Dave if a customer wanted the best air conditioner for controlling humidity in their home what would you recommend?

The Trane 20i has great dehumidification control.  It has an all aluminum coil and plastic air handler made like a refrigerator, where it has plastic on the inside, foam in the middle and another sheet of plastic on the outside.

What’s the advantage to a plastic air handler?

No rust, no rot, no sweat.


Never.  The other nice feature is it’s super energy efficient. Highly, highly efficient.

So you’ve seen people save money?

Yes.  Like $50 - $75 a month.  In some cases even more if you do more than one (unit).  It makes a huge difference.

So you’ve had some happy customers?

Lots of happy customers.  I’ve put in like nine of them the last month.  All successful.

Why is the humidity control better on  the Trane 20i than on other brands?

Because it runs at multiple speeds.  It goes to a lower speed so it runs longer and runs the air through the coil slower which gives the air more time to release water to the coil. And the coil gets rid of more water which lowers the humidity of the house.  So instead of your humidity running 60% to 65% it’s in the upper 40s.  So it makes a huge difference.

So that’s only happening when it’s running at the lower speed?

No it’s happening all the time.  It’s always dehumidfying. But when it goes into dehumidification mode or lower speed it maintains that lower dehumidification.

When you have a 2 speed like that, is it going to run all the time?

The Trane 20i is designed to run more than normal but it will shut down from time to time.

But when it’s on a lower speed it’s not using as much energy?

Instead of using 18 or 19 amps it’s running at 4 or 5 amps. So it’s running more but it’s running at such a lower amperage it’s going to save you a bunch money.

So it’s running all the time . . .

It’s normal.  That's what it’s designed to do.  All of your electrical waste is at start up and shut down.  Running is not wasteful.  It’s when it starts up and shuts down that it wastes power.

How High Can You Set Your Thermostat for Humidity Control?

So what temperature should people in Florida keep their homes?

Whatever makes them comfortable. (He laughs.)

But what is good for humidity protection though?  What do you have to be at?

Below 80 is where you should be.  But I tell people wherever it makes them comfortable.

But if you are below 80 your house isn’t going to have a mold and mildew problem?

With the Trane 20i it doesn’t matter where you set it because it’s automatically going to adjust for the humidity. But on a normal system where it’s not a multi-speed system, below 80 is where you should set it.

Home-Tech's Trane 20i Rebate Offer

With this rebate that we have right now they can get a thermostat with the system.  They can get a whole package right?

They can do the whole thing (it's the XL940 Wireless Zone Thermostat) plus they get a $1000 rebate plus 0% finanancing for 36 months.  It’s never been that way before.  It’s either been the financing or the rebate.  This is the first time ever that we've done both.

Do you like the thermostat combo? Do you recommend it to your customers?

Yes, it works really well.

What do they like about it?

Well it depends on the customer.  It’s very easy to operate.  You get some people that are "techy people" that hook it up to the wi-fi and like to look at it in Europe and do all of this other stuff, and then you have other people that just think it looks cool.

What about someone who may have vision issues?  Is the screen easy to read?

Yes, it's backlit.  It’s very bright. It’s very easy to operate, very simple, very user-friendly.  It’s a lot like an iPad.  It’s very simple to use.

So if someone is interested?

They should call 800-800-8356 and ask for Extension 3.  We will schedule an appointment to answer any questions they may have.

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