Jul 29, 2014
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Video Creates 3 Local Stars

A commercial-quality video meant to promote the City of Temple Terrace is now available on the city's website. It features locals Keven Woodard, Perry Jacobsen and Lauren Tice.

The has anxiously awaited is finally available.

The 7-minute movie, created by Full Throttle Intermedia, showcases the history, education, entertainment, business, and residential opportunities that the city offers. It features images and footage from throughout the community, along with those from important nearby organizations, attractions and businesses.

Temple Terrace native Keven Woodard plays a historian; Perry Jacobsen of plays a businessman; Lauren Tice, administrative assistant with the , plays a student. Leslie Maine, a professional actress, plays a journalist who interviews the three new local stars.

“During the past year, Temple Terrace has been hard at work to as one of Hillsborough County’s three municipalities,” said Michael Dunn, the city’s public information officer, in a press release. “A were created after months of research by the city’s marketing consultants, Tim Lancaster of Lancaster Design and Margie Martin of Martin Communications, and a modern last month.”

The new video is available on the city’s website, and will soon be presented more widely, Dunn said in the release.

The city’s goal was to have the video ready in time for the Republican National Convention, which takes place in Tampa Aug. 27-30. City officials are hoping those who attend the RNC learn more about Temple Terrace from the video. The video will also be shared with businesses and realtors and appear in the city’s press kits and possibly on TV.

Creating the video took a bit longer than expected after Lancaster, Martin, City Council members and independent sources reviewed the finished product and suggested ways it could be improved. . Some of the interviews had to be re-done.

“The city received help from many individuals and companies in the making of the video, including the Greater Temple Terrace Chamber of Commerce,” Dunn said in the release. “Many other companies and groups provided sponsorships to help pay some of the costs associated with production.”

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