Jul 30, 2014

King Students Beautify Garden, Cafeteria

About 100 students gave up their weekend to volunteer on campus.

King Students Beautify Garden, Cafeteria

By Geethu Kurian
King High School 10th-grader and Yearbook Staff member

You don’t see many students at school on the weekend.

But this spring, about 100 students came to the school one weekend to help improve the look of the campus.

The school beautification day was hosted by the Student Government Association. Students were offered volunteer hours to come to campus over the weekend and help plant a memorial garden in front of the cafeteria and paint the cafeteria.

“It was a fun experience that made me feel involved with the school,” said 10th-grader Janki Shingala.

SGA members said they thought there were countless beautification opportunities available at the school, and it was time for students to give back.

One of the most visible outcomes of the school beautification was the memorial garden in front of the cafeteria. Flowers, trees, a brick courtyard and benches were added.

Shingala spent the day painting the cafeteria blue.

“I would definitely do it again and even try to get more students to participate,” Shingala said.

The $6,000 beautification project was paid for by 10 major school clubs and a grant received by agriculture teacher Cassie Miles.

There are many plans for next year, including refurbishing older buildings and replacing benches located around campus.

“I hope to see many more students come out and help to make next year’s beautification project bigger and better!” said 11th-grader Yiming Lin.

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