Jul 28, 2014

LNT Social Media Training Ready to Help Businesses Grow

Lauren Tice, the Greater Temple Terrace Chamber of Commerce's administrative assistant, has started her own business.

LNT Social Media Training Ready to Help Businesses Grow LNT Social Media Training Ready to Help Businesses Grow LNT Social Media Training Ready to Help Businesses Grow

When Temple Terrace’s Tom Allison of missingphotographs.com first came to Lauren Tice for social media help, he had no experience with Facebook whatsoever.

So, Tice set up his business’ Facebook page for him in March. In the first couple hours, he had 12 “Likes.”

“He was just amazed,” Tice said. “It just felt really good to help someone.”

Tice is hoping to help other business owners through her new business, LNT Social Media Training, a career she’s balancing with her position as administrative assistant with the .

“What we do is social media training for businesses,” Tice said of LNT. “We not only set it up for them, we train them on how to use it. It’s kind of like consulting but for social media.”

For years, the 29-year-old has been running the chamber’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. She has also helped the City of Temple Terrace create its Facebook page. She has her own personal accounts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and she even has her own blog.

She said she understands the importance of social media to businesses.

“It’s like another outlet for them to get out their specials or something important that they’re doing, to stay in communication with their clients or their potential clients, and to be available to their customers,” she said.

Tice received her bachelor’s degree in communications from the in December and started LNT Social Media Training in January. Her website went live on April 5. The “LNT” in LNT Social Media Training represents Tice’s initials; her full name is Lauren Nicole Tice.

“I came up with all these ideas, and that’s the one that sounded the most professional to me,” she said.

As a communications major, Tice said she was frequently exposed to social media and learned how to best connect with people. She sees social media as a way for business owners to let their personalities shine through.

“I think you can use it more for your voice,” she said. “Even though people can see your website, they might not feel like they know you. If you’re updating statuses or tweeting/blogging, they feel like they know who you are.”

Tice said she thought she would be good at teaching business owners one-on-one and saw a need for her business in the Temple Terrace area. There are a lot of business owners using the free service to their advantage, but there are others who aren’t.

“(LNT Social Media Training) first came about because I really wanted to help chamber members with their social media,” Tice said. “Some of them don’t know where to start.”

One of Tice’s first clients was friend, chamber member and co-owner of Elizabeth Sullivan. Sullivan said Tice helped her in April with the store’s Facebook page and her blog, and set her up on LinkedIn, an online professional network. With Tice’s assistance, Sullivan said she was able to increase her contacts, especially on LinkedIn.

“She’s very knowledgeable,” Sullivan said of Tice. “She could instantly tell me what needed to be done.”

Tice has been focusing on small and home-based businesses, but she said she hopes to branch out and help larger businesses in the area. She said having a diverse set of clients coming to her for their social media needs would be her dream.

She would also like to have her own office. Right now, she’s traveling to meet clients at local restaurants or their business offices.

“It is very flexible,” she said. “I could help people from all over the area.”

Tice said if she could tell business owners one thing, it would be that social media can be manageable with the right training.

“It seems overwhelming,” she said, “but I’m here to help you learn.”

For more information about LNT Social Media Training, stop by at on Thursday from 5 to 6:30 p.m. Or visit LNT Social Media Training on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Blogspot.

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