Jul 30, 2014
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Red Cross Launches Online Course For Families

American Red Cross Launches Online ‘Coping with Deployments’ Course for families supporting the military deployment of a loved one.

Red Cross Launches Online Course For Families

The American Red Cross is now offering an online version of its "Coping with Deployments" course, designed to promote resilience in families supporting the military deployment of a loved one.

There is no cost to to register or to take the course, said Janet McGuire, Regional Communications Officer for the American Red Cross.

"Participants can return to the course as often as they like and take as many modules as they like," McGuire said.

McGuire also noted that the course works best on Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari; however it will work on Firefox but with some limitations.

Each modules differs in length and the participant can select which modules apply to their situation.

"After introducing the original instructor-led course in 2008 and seeing how it has helped military families, we're pleased to be able to offer this course online so that more people can benefit," said Sherri Brown, senior vice president of Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces, in a press release.

The free online course aims to help military families handle the challenges and opportunities that come with a family member's deployment. Participants learn how to offer emotional support to those in need and how to build resiliency within themselves and in others, including children. These are skills that people can use in many life situations.

The Red Cross is also introducing a Spanish-language version of both the instructor-led and online course, which will broaden the reach of this skill-building resource to Spanish-speaking military family members.

The course is available to the family members of Reserve, National Guard and active duty service members, including spouses, older children, parents, siblings and significant others, as well as to military members who take it with their family. Veterans and their family members are also eligible.

Those interested in taking the online course can register in the Red Cross Learning Center at http://classes.redcross.org.

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