Jul 30, 2014

So What Are You Going to Do if Your Guy Doesn't Win?

The debate on which presidential candidate to vote for has been decisive, so what is going to happen Nov. 6 or 7 when some people learn their candidate didn't win?

So What Are You Going to Do if Your Guy Doesn't Win?

Come Tuesday at 7 p.m. it is all over bar the shouting. But just how loud is the shouting going to be?

The 2012 election season has been one of the most devisive on record according to most accounts. Even the discussion here on Patch has gotten heated on many occasions. Those who support President Barack Obama are solid in their support of him. The same goes for those who support the challenger, Mitt Romney. But at least one set of supporters is going to come away disappointed. The big question is, how is the country going to handle it? Usually there are threats by some that they will leave the country if their guy doesn't win. This year, however, there have even been threats of riots.

Will you accept the will of the people, settle down and give the president four more years if that is the outcome - even if you didn't vote for him? If it goes the other way and you didn't vote for Romney, will you accept that the country is not prepared to give Obama another four years and that a new president is about to take the reigns?

What are you going to do if your guy doesn't win?

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