21 Aug 2014
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Patch Instagram photo by cabanasalon

Alpharetta Adds 19 Streets, $880,000 in Street Repair Program

The City Council added the funding in its mid-year budget adjustment, which still requires a second reading before becoming official.

Alpharetta Adds 19 Streets, $880,000 in Street Repair Program

Alpharetta City Council tentatively added $880,000 to its budget to resurface sections of 19 more streets that are deemed to be in the worst shape in the city, excluding the streets funded by the original $1.5 million approved in the Fiscal Year 2013 budget.

The Georgia Department of Transportation would provde $380,000 of the funding in its  Local Maintenance & Improvement Grant program. Alpharetta would spend $500,000 as a match to get the grant.

The City Council has to approve the funding in its mid-year budget adjustment and ordinance, which had its first reading Monday night.

A second reading, which City Administrator James Drinkard said is set to be held on Feb. 25, has to be approved for the funds to be budgeted and spent. 

The Engineering and Public Works Department rates all city streets in its maintenance program on a 1-100 scale:

1-40 = bad;
41-70 = poor;
71-85 = fair;
86-100 = good.

All of the streets picked in this funding are considered in "bad" condition. None of the roads first added to the milling and resurfacing program for the fiscal year scored better than a 35.

The following streets are included in this funding request:

  1. Windward Parkway (Camp Creek to Big Creek; 36 rating)
  2. Waters Glen Way (Waters Rd to cul-de-sac; 36 rating)
  3. Welwyn Walk (Sandridge Ct to cul-de-sac; 36 rating)
  4. Windham Way (Tuxford Dr to 10875 Windham Way; 36 rating)
  5. Guardsman Court (Kingsmark Trail to cul-de-sac; 36 rating)
  6. Laurens Oak Court (Waters Cove Way to cul-de-sac; 37 rating)
  7. Waters Ridge Drive (Waters Rd to cul-de-sac; 37 rating)
  8. Pinchon Place (Kingsmark Trail to cul-de-sac; 38 rating)
  9. Hopewell Plantation Dr (Cogburn Rd to Penn Oak Ct; 37 rating)
  10. Cains Cove (Michaela Dr to end; 38 rating)
  11. Varina Way (Sandridge Ct to cul-de-sac; 39 rating)
  12. Merroway Court (Cranchester Way to cul-de-sac; 39 rating)
  13. Fairleaf Court (Sugar Valley Trail to cul-de-sac; 39 rating)
  14. Lansburgh Turn (Sugar Valley Trail to cul-de-sac; 40 rating)
  15. Kingsmark Trail (Centennial Dr to cul-de-sac; 40 rating)
  16. Harbour Point (Harbour Ridge Dr to end; 41 rating)
  17. Sophia Cove (Centennial Dr to cul-de-sac; 41 rating)
  18. Harbour Ridge Drive (Lake Windward to Lake Windward; 41 rating)
  19. Big Creek Court (Big Creek Overlook to end; 44 rating)

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